Law on Rash & Negligent Driving

Everyday we travel to and from work-either we drive or we are driven to work. Everyone in their life time at some point has gone through frustration because someone on the road has driven their vehicle endangering other vehicles, passengers on the road. This is not just a selfish careless behaviour but also a criminal act which can be punished by law.

Section 279 of the IPC deals with rash and negligent driving.

If any person drives a vehicle in way that is rash or negligent which can cause harm or injury to anyone, or even endanger human life on a public road can be punished up to a term of 6 months or be fined with an amount of Rs1000 or punished with both.

The offense is bailable –that is once someone is arrested he can apply for a bail. Such an offense is triable by a Magistrate.

Section 183(1) of MACT and section 183(2) of MACT-deals with driving at excessive speed.

Section 183(1) deals with driving in excessive speed or speed that is above the limit mentioned. Any person violating this rule or law can be fined with an amount up to Rs400.
Section 183(2) deals with causing any person employed by you to drive at a speed above the speed limit. Here the person/employer can be fined with an amount .-Of course you can apply for bail.

Section 184 deals with drunk driving

Everyday we see boards ,signs etc mentioning not to drink and drive. It is far too dangerous not just for the person who is driving, but also for those who are traveling with him and be those people who are traveling on the road.

Section 185 of MACT mentions that any person who is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicants he/she shall be punished with imprisonment up to 6 months or fine up to Rs 1000 or both(imprisonment +fine).

If the same person is arrested for a subsequent or second offense of the same nature he shall be punished for a period that can extend up to 2 years and fine of Rs 2000 or both.

So dear comrades as somebody who deals with cases where people have to spend more in court than the drinks ,drugs they purchased I would advise everyone again-PLEASE DONOT DRINK AND DRIVE OR DRIVE IF YOU HAVE TAKEN EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS….do yourself and others a favour please …DON’T DRIVE!!

Take care and obey the law…

Adv Kiran T K

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